Chaerim Shin is a South Korean Interior Designer based in London.Her discipline as a designer started in 2012 after degree of BFA Interior Designer at School of Visual Arts in New York, USA with interest and practice across furniture, architecture and arts. Currently attending Royal College of Arts in Masters Degree of Interior Design.

Her design cares about senses in design; how we see, touch, depth of the meanings behind. She believe the basic things we care for in life are the most important details to be carefully thought through and developed.

Also, she is a true believer that perfection coexists with imperfection. It is important to understand the state of emptiness, understanding the flaws, accepting what is given, the inevitable. It is a designer’s role to generate new possibilities of work as in a place for fabricator of buildings who can mediate, symbolize new systems that could rapidly response to the new age.

She chose Matter platform at RCA to study a wider range of sustainable materials which could guide our world to healthier environment.

Imperfection coexists with perfection. They grow together, and support.

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