Antae 391

L’harmonie, Ground up residential project
Miryang-si, South Korea, Nov 2016 - August 2017

1. Life in au natural place without any waste. Ideal place where <living> and <human life> are closely combined. 
2. Box like house where you fill in one’s life. 

In order to build house where life and human being permeate:

1. Place - Building that goes along surrounding. 
2. Unity in use of material and form.
3. Place where your hand, body remembers

L’Harmonie - a third generation family run architect company - started their business with designing a modern dwelling that aims to achieve the motto of “the house is the coexistence of nature and hometown”.

The site is close to the second largest harbor city, Busan and Daegu. Located at the heart of the city where transportation systems are right around the corner with beautiful cherry blossom tracking road for seasonal retreat.
Antae 391 is a warm and embracing home for someone who needs interval from their daily routine.