Royal College of Art, Inhabitations Project, Kortrijk, Belgium

Silence, time and solitute ; space of tranquality and intimacy.

EEN meaning ONE in Dutch is a scented candle shopworkshop corelated to a color.
One : a place where visitor can find their true self by focused on a scent of their lust,
One purpose of the place is to collect scent for a candle of one’s own need and desire,
One : one new structure that is celebrating beauty of the existing building,
One : one design language in close relationship to nature, sustainability, and to refresh visitor’s view in every sense.

This scented candle shop is inspired by the elements of nature; curves, textures and small to immense space, visitor will be guided by the scents to follow through the building to experience different fragrance for one’s need.


olfactory pyramid

when building up a scent for candle or perfume, olfactory pyramid is used to guide the structure of the fragrance.Taking the pyramid system simply into the building to navigate visitors to travel along the scents.

Scent is strongly associated with our emotions and that it can effect our moods, bring back memories and evoke emotions in a second of time. In chroma therapy, color is used to help people to relax, reduce stress or help balance out mentally.

To create a space for visitors to enjoy and experience,
candle shopworkshop is a place where the visitor could be
fully involved in the process of choosing fragrances of their
own by activly involved in the scent, environment and
the process of candle making in the building as part of their journey to Kortrijk.

”Architecture is the wise, correct and magnificent play of volumes collected together under the light ‚”

Le Corbousier


The Great Wall

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1:30 Section Model


Design Followed by the New Interior Wall Structure, Introducing new facade allows a moment of curiosity. Heavy Glass door allows a moment of transition from curiosity, surprising moment to tranquil, silence.


Old masonry blocks from existing buildign is reused to create the new building facade.


By setting back the new wall structure around 600mm allows moment of transition of new material, space, and purpose. Also allows a seating area for people for waiting, communicating, and relax just outside the building.


Curved Wall - Hemp Concrete: A High Performance Material for Green-Building and Retrofitting NEW WALL is constructed with Hemp-crete as a structural wall. Hemp-crete alows free form design when plastered onto a structural wire frame.