Is that Democracy?

Luigi Rodrigues, Chaerim Shin & Xijin Zeng

Royal College of Art, Primer Project, London, Fall 2019

Coming at a moment of profound political and social crisis,"Is that Democracy?"chair invite to reflect on a word we too often take for granted.

We are living years of erosion in global levels of political rights and civil liberties, with many more countries declining than gaining each year.

With millions convinced that politicians don’t speak for them, democracy faces a global crisis.

Trust in elected leaders is declining in key countries and remains too low in others.

Democratic systems of government are supposed to reflect the interests of ordinary citizens, and not some shadowy political elite.

But more and more, we see the influence of big money and special interest groups in so-called democratic politics, while income inequality and voter suppression grow.

With this project we have tried to investigate the contradiction of democracy nowadays and how all this situation shape our democratic perceptions.

Is that Democracy?











The seat was exhibited at the Kortrijk Creativity Week in Autumn 2019.